Forest and Wildlife Sector Programmes

The Forestry Commission is executing various Forestry Sector Programmes and Projects to enable the Commission to achieve its mandate of protection, development, management and regulation of forest and wildlife resources in the country. The current programmes and projects include the following:


The Achimota Eco-Park concept provides a great opportunity for eco-tourism and environmentally-friendly, money-churning venture . This requires that the Achimota Forest is transform into a world-class eco-tourism enclave, from a traditional forest reserve into a world-class eco-tourism enclave
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This project aims at promoting the utilization of bamboo and rattan resources as alternative to timber wood and to create employment for the people of Ghana, thereby reduce poverty. The Government of China has promised to release a grant of $4.0million for the execution of the project, however, the necessary negotiations have not been completed.
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Community Forest Management Project (CFMP)

The project is being funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and is designed to rehabilitate degraded forest reserves while increasing production of Agricultural, wood and non-wood forest products and strengthening the capacity of relevant institutions. The project commenced in October 2003 and is expected to rehabilitate six degraded reserves in four regions namely: Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Eastern and Western.
The project faced an initial problem of change of project sites due to unforeseen circumstances at the inception. However, status to date is very encouraging. The project has been extended and would end by the end of the year.

Forest Investment Programme (FIP)

The Expert Group has recommended for the selection of Ghana (FC) as a pilot under the Forest Investment Programme (FIP). If selected, the FC will receive a carbon grant of about $70.0m to pilot its carbon programmes under climate change.
The medium to long term expectation of Ghana’s FIP strategy is to strengthen institutional capacity in forest resources management, improve governance, strengthen the regulatory mechanisms, streamline tenure and tree rights, improve local livelihoods and enhance resilience to climate change. Click here for the final report of Ghana’s Investment Plan of the Forest Investment Program (FIP) of  Ministry of Lands and Natural Resouces (MLNR) October 2012

Forest Preservation Programme (FPP)

The grant is intended to support measures towards forest conservation in ghana by providing equipment, materials and services while using Japanese products and technology if possible to achieve Green Ghana. The Government of Japan through JICA has provided a grant of US$7.8million. the grant is being processed and would be available during the year.

Forest Resources Management Project (FORUM)

This project is being funded by GTZ and KfW of Germany with an original budget of DM25.0 million. The project aims at reducing the degradation of forest resources in the Volta Region through the protection of the remaining natural forest, rehabilitation of degraded forest reserves and the promotion of private woodlot establishment.
The project ended in February, 2008, however there are a few activities to be mopped up with 0.45million funds that remained at the end of the project. the FC has provided the necessary counterpart fund for the release of the above amount from KfW during the year.

Government Plantation Development Programme (HIPC)

The project is funded solely by the Government of Ghana through HIPC funds. It aims at rehabilitating degraded foret reserves in suitable off-reserve areas, mangroves, waterheds, planting of amenity trees in urban areas and creating employment for the youth in the rural and urban communities.
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A short description of this project will replace this placeholder text. Placeholder text should be about 3 to 5 lines of descriptive text only not too long. Just enough to descrive what the programme is all about.
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Natural Resources and Environmental Governance Programme (NREG) N

NREG is designed to provide annual Sector Budget Support and to sustain the implementation of broad programme of Natural Resources Governance and Environmenta reforms and innovation for the government.
The programme has been developed and fully owned by relevant government agencies:- MLNR, MEST, FC, MC and EPA. The programme focuses on a set of policies and reforms in the inter-related sectors of forestry and wildlife, mining and environmental protection. It is a five-year programme beginning from September, 2008. More Info »

Non-Legally Binding Instrument on all Types of Forests in Ghana (NLBI)

The objective of this pilot project is to support Ghana to move in the implementation of the non-legally binding instrument on all types of forests. The experiences generated will be very useful for other countries that embark on implementation of the NLBI and for possible future support to countries through the extension of the project.
The direct beneficiaries of the project is the main stakeholders in Ghana’s NFP process, including MLNR, FC, Civil Society Groups and the private sector.
The project is being funded by BMZ of Germany with an amount of $0.4million for a period of about three years. It was officially inaugurated in December, 2008.
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Reduced Emmissions for Deforestation & Degradation (REDD)

As part of the Forestry Commission’s commitment to ensuring the sustainable management of Ghana’s forests we are leading efforts to prepare Ghana to engage with international mechanisms on REDD.The reduction of emissions from deforestation and degradation is a concept that can be applied at any level or by any actor. Research at the beginning of this century however, identified deforestation and degradation as contributing nearly 20% of the world Green House Gas emissions, a figure that placed reductions in these emissions high on the international climate change agenda.
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ACP-FLEGT Civil Society Integration in Voluntary Partnership ProjectAwareness Package

This project is being carried out by the FAO and the Forestry Commission. The broad purpose  of the awareness package is to ensure that all stakeholder groups and the general public have a better understanding of illegal logging and the VPA process, and are informed of their roles and responsibilities in the process.
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National Forest Programme Facility (NFP)

The Forestry Commission has entered into a Partnership Agreement with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations under the National Forest Programme Facility (NFP) for implementing series of activities aimed a safequarding the benefits due to farmers participating in the Modified Taungya Plantation Scheme. More Info »