Service Charter –  Customer Rights & Feedback


  • Information: You are entitled to complete, accurate and timely information.
  • Identification: You have the right to request for identity of the officer(s) serving you.
  • Communication: It is your right to be treated with respect and to have information adduced from you to be treated confidentially.
  • Enquiries: You are entitled to make enquiries at any time within the official working hours and to raise genuine complaints.
  • Courtesy: It is your right to be treated politely and with courtesy.
  • Services: You have a right to quality and timely services.


You are obliged to make available, accurate and timely information to enable us to provide you with services. Where called upon to make known information, you are obliged to disclose and produce all relevant information, records and documents.

  • Courtesy and respect: You are obliged to be courteous and respectful to our staff.
  • Rules and Regulations: You are obliged to acquaint yourself with the rules, regulations and other legal instruments which govern the operations of the Forestry Commission.
  • Payment of Fees: You are obliged to demand a receipt upon payment of any monies that may be charged for the services rendered by the Forestry Commission and or its functional Divisions.
  • Punctuality: You are obliged to attend our meetings and honor appointments as scheduled.
  • Fighting Corruption: It is your obligation to help the Forestry Commission combat corruption by not offering inducement by way of gifts and offers to staff, or to solicit the same in return for services. You are also obliged to report any case of corruption to the Forestry Commission or any other relevant authority.


We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement of our services. Wherever possible we shall place compliant forms and boxes at vantage locations in our offices to facilitate customer feedback. As and when necessary your feedback should be directed to:

Corporate Head Office, Achimota-AccraThe Customer Service ManagerForestry CommissionAccra.

At the District Offices and other BranchesThe Customer Service Officer

Where you are not still satisfied, you may address your complaints and enquiries to;The Chief ExecutiveForestry CommissionAccra. As a final resort you may appeal to:The New Charter OfficeOffice of the PresidentCastle AnnexAccra.