Boaben-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary is a community based Sanctuary located at Boaben and Fiema a twin community in the Nkoranza district of Brong Ahafo Region. The sanctuary protects the headwaters of the streams that are consumed in the locality. it has a good number of the Black and White Colobus, Mona, spot nosed monkeys and a variety of birds. The monkeys in the reserve are regarded as the children of the gods of the community; therefore they are neither hunted nor killed. A system of traditional taboos and their community enforcement protected the monkeys for generations. 
Recent affluence and behalf patterns, coupled with weakening of traditional enforcement of the sanctions associated with the taboo systems however threatened the continued survival of the monkeys. The situation created the need to offer statutory legal instruments to strengthen the traditional protection of the animals. Consequently, the local people were assisted to constitute the reserve under district Assembly bye-laws which they are being assisted by the Wildlife Department to enforce.

It is the first protected area where local indigenous protection system has been given statutory back-up enforcement of traditional/indigenous protection of wildlife in the country. The reserve is quite accessible by road and has a modest rest house facility.


Good facilities can however be obtained at Techiman and Nkoranza which are about an hour and 20 minutes drive respectively to the Sanctuary.