The area boasts of the most spectacular geographical feature in the district. An hour’s walk through cool shades of trees will lead you to Ghana’s highest waterfalls. The beauty of the falls is enhanced not only by the towering face of the gorge but most impressively by the several thousands of fruit bats clinging to its sides. This waterfalls which consist of a series of four falls and two cascades descending an amazing 600m height is one of the perennial falls in Ghana open to visitors through out the year. 
To get to the base of the falls from Wli-Agorviefe one has to walk on a path which crosses the meandering Agumatasa river eleven (11) times on locally made log bridges. At the base of the falls one will enjoy the beauty of nature in a cool microclimate. In addition the forest, butterflies of varies colors and other wild animals make the area significant for conservation. The falls also plays an important part in the cultural life of the communities around it. The people regard it as a fetish protecting them in all walks of life. It is believed among the natives that it has power of curing barrenness in women.


To commemorate what the falls has done and is still doing for the people of Wli traditional area an annual festival is usually organized in the last Saturday of October. The Wli waterfall festival is a festival of rich culture, which one needs not miss.

Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary is located in the Hohoe district of the Volta Region on the Togo-Buen ranges.