Service Charter  – Core Functions

    WE STRIVE FOR:Cost-Effectiveness: To deliver services in a cost-effective manner.Customer-Centeredness: To continuously communicate with and listen to our customers and empathizing for our customers to ensure that we can meet or exceed their needs. Accessibility: Ensure that our diverse range of customers know how to find us and can get to us easily through a variety of means (in person, on phone, through correspondence)Timeliness: Provide service in a timely manner. Our timeliness standards are as described in the standards section of the Charter.Knowledge & Competence: To continuously develop the necessary knowledge and skills to support effective and professional service to our customers.Courtesy & Caring: Serve customers with respect and courtesy in a way that demonstrates that we care about them.Team Work: To encourage team spirit, collaboration and consultation to maximize synergy of working together in service deliveryFairness: Treat our customers in a fair and equitable manner and in accordance with the regulations and policies that govern our services.

Establish and utilize a variety of means to build public awareness as well as keep customers up-to date at all times on FC policies, procedures and programs as well as service delivery performance report for ease of access of services.Conduct annual surveys of the public to measure FC’s overall progress in meeting the needs and aspirations of clients and citizens.We will put in place a customer feedback mechanism that enables customers to complaint on their services and provide suggestions for improvement.Continuously improve the quantity and quality of information on our website to inform customers as well as enable them self-serve with relevant information both in and out of office.We will provide adequate and informative signage on FC to improve accessibility of customers and citizens. COURTESY AND COOPERATION:We shall ensure that our staffs are provided with the necessary training and skills to enable them treat customers in a courteous and friendly manner.We shall continuously improve on our reception areas to ensure that our customers are comfortably received into our offices.We shall create Customer Service Centers in our field stations as one-stop-shop points to ensure that customers are given prompt, timely and deserved attention.Fees chargeable shall be displayed in conspicuous places at all Forestry Commission premises and also in our brochures.All office doors will be clearly marked to facilitate easy identificationAll staff will have identification tags.